Thursday, 3 December 2015

Cookie land

One day a gummy man found a cookie land. The land was made entirely of cookies. He decided to dig channels and fill them with chocolate milk. He thought that wasn't enough so he decided to plant some seeds to grow big ice cream mountains. Next he created the gingerbread men and gave them a recipe to make gingerbread houses. He also gave them the job to water and   fertilize the ice cream mountain seeds with hundreds and thousands and chocolate milk. 

After twenty years the gummy man returned on a banana boat. The banana boat had two yellow banana sides with four scoops of ice cream in between and whipped cream with a cherry on top. He looked into the chocolate river and he heard the river running. It felt cold, tasted like lollies and smelt like smooth melted chocolate. Then he smiled to himself. He looked at the land and saw that it was crumbly on the flat and sodden next to the river. 

He sailed to the mountains made of cookies and cream ice cream, which from a distance looked like the ski mountains. He climbed up them, They felt cold, soft and solid. Normally there were lots of climbers on the mountains, but today things were different. It was the 20th anniversary of the cookie land. 

The Gummy man saw gummy jet planes, flying overhead, coming in for landing in the candy cane forest. Gummy bears poured out of the planes; they must be here for the 20th anniversary, the same reason he was here. When he got to the top of the ice cream mountain he saw a watchtower. He had told the gummy men to put a mini gummy jet plane by the watchtower, at the top of the mountain. 

He found it where he told the gummy men to put it, then hopped in and flew to the candy cane forest for the celebration party, where everyone was dancing and eating yummy food. He had a great time. After the party he lead a parade to the capital city to open the new cookie land theme park named Lollie Land Amusement park. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Pool in Fiji

The slippery cold and shiny edge of the pool slips from under my feet as I jump forward. It felt the same as jumping into my own pool at home. The warm, clear, sparkling water dodged my feet as I fell in, like sheep avoiding a sheep dog. The hard smooth patterned bottom of the pool catches my eye with its zigzagging  shapes. My family surround me as the flowers and trees sway in the wind. Strangers walk around everywhere wondering what we are doing. Tall, thin palm trees shade us from the sun so we don't get sunburnt. That is my kind of holiday.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


I look at the car and say to my sister, "I'll beat you to the car"
"No I'm gonna beat you" she snapped back.
"No you’re not. Three, two, one go!" 
We sprinted to the car then slammed against the door.
"I beat you" she barked.
"No, I beat you" I ordered back.
"What are you two fighting about?" my mum shrieked.
"I beat him to the car, but he said I didn't" my sister whined
"But I won" I wined back
"No I did!"
"Just stop it and get in the car" mum ordered. But 
I was annoyed that I got told off, but I did win, and that's the end of that.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Camp description

I feel the ice-cold rock-solid wall with trees knocking against it outside. The springs are squeaking in my mattress and I can feel my soft, fluffy pillow under my head. The hard, wooden supports hold up the bunk above me as the roof shelters us from the rain. My sleeping bag keeps me warm just as it has all night long.
I sit up and see the floor covered in wooden planks squeaking under the weight of everyone. The windows let the bright, hot sun peek through into my cabin. Flat pillows lay under all of my mates heads. There are bags of clothes at the end of every bed. The door is swinging in the wind casting shadows on the floor, letting more light in.

I stand up and walk outside and see the front porch of my cabin and lots of other cabins with strong, dark coloured, oak railings. I see lush, green trees with birds flying around and the sun blazing down on the dirt covered world. Oh I love school camp.

Arts reflection

This term we have been learning the arts and how it can connect to our community.
I did a performance with Harry and we connected to the community by letting them come up on stage at the end of our performance. This showed whānaungatanga because the community connected to our performance by coming up on stage and joining in.

This is the link to our performance 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Fiji trip

Has anything unexpected ever happened to you when you weren't prepared? Like you felt like you were safe, then someone jumps out at you, or you were walking down the street then someone trips you up. And last of all you feel like it can't get any worse, but then it does. I've been caught by surprise many many times before, but this time I was not prepared. 

Almost three years ago I went to Fiji for my uncle Mike's birthday. Almost all my cousins, aunties and uncles flew in on separate planes and met at the hotel. We found our rooms, had dinner and went to bed, well I didn't. 

The next day, a few of us went out on boat trip to Savala Island. It took almost two hours to get to the island. There was so much food and drinks on the boat I had about ten bottles of lemonade. Any way the boats name was Oolala, it was quite a big boat. I felt quite safe on the boat because it had really high sides. On the boat I could see a chilly bin full of cold drinks, beds, flowers, flax baskets and some tyres. Anyway when we got to the island I went to watch the shark feeding. The sharks were so cute and tiny, then nunu, nunu, nunu, snap, ahhhhhhh. One of the sharks nearly bit me, that was almost the end of me. 

After that I went snorkelling with my mum, it was so much fun.  After snorkelling I just missed out on the glass bottom boat. Sad face.  I had a great time on the island, but then it was time to get back on the boat to go on a boring boat trip back to the hotel. I was sad and annoyed that my wonderful trip was over. When we reached the wharf I slowly got up, getting used to my legs. I slowly walked towards the wharf, slowly climbed out the side of the boat, then slowly started to get off, then a few people screamed so loudly I nearly jumped out of my skin. SEA SNAKE!!! Oh How can this get any worse TWO SEA SNAKES!!! Ahhhhhhh! 

"Are they poisonous?" I asked the captain.  "Yes" he replied. This is the end. I tried to find something to hide behind, but there was nothing. I tried to find something to get it off the boat, but there was nothing. Noooooooooo the end of my life had arrived. Then the captain grabbed a tyre that was on the boat and tried to get the sea snakes off the boat. "Smart idea" I thought, but it didn't work, he chased them around the boat three or four times with the tyre in his hands. Chasing the sea snakes in circles was a waste of time. But the tyre must have worked, because they slid off the side of the boat. 

So always expect the unexpected, and be prepared to use whatever you can find around you, even if it's an old tyre. It might just save your life.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Science reflection

Science reflection 

This term I have been showing lots of scientific qualities:

Being curious
Making graphs/charts
Using evidence
Used scientific language
points of view 
Making decisions 
Making observations 

I showed these qualities by showing evidence such as:

Taking photos 
Asking questions
I wrote down my findings

I made graphs and charts such as:

The in-stream riparian habitat survey
Gantt chart/project management chart

When I was was being a scientist I used lots of scientific words such as:

Riparian zone 

This is my first strugglelometer

This is my second strugglelometer 

This is my instream and riparian habitat survey

This is my Gantt chart/project management chart