Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hide and seek

At last you find a stupendous hiding spot under the bed.
You wriggle down beneath the bed frame
You see bucketing rain outside and curtains swaying in the wind.
You can feel the ice cold carpet and the hard underside of the bed as You lay there upside down, frozen!
Don't move, don't breathe, stay hushed.
Whereabouts is the seeker, and who has been found?
Doors are creaking all around you.
That must be the seeker.
You lay there upside down, frozen again!
Don't move, don't breathe, stay quiet.
The Seeker's calling your name,
You see feet rolling closer, like a herd of monsters trying to eat you.
Suddenly you see feet come through the door,
now you see knees on the carpet,
You see a head start lowering down, who is it? Is it the seeker?
You freeze, as still as ice.

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