Monday, 17 August 2015

Oven vs finger

Oven vs finger

The sky darkened and the sun plummeted down the orange sky. I was eating a delicious dinner.
 "Ben do you want me to make you another wrap?" 
"No thanks, I'll make it myself."

Let's see... I want chicken, rice, hummus, carrot, cheese and mayonnaise. First I need to heat the wrap up in the oven.

I open the oven slowly, and steam drifts out the door. I reach into the oven, lift up the rubber mat to slide the wrap in, I go to pull my hand, but OUCH! As I lifted my hand up, it touched the hot door.

My fingers were stinging so much they felt like they had been bitten by a lion. My fingers turned as purple as a grape.

I sprinted to the tap turned it on. OUCH! That's hot water. I turned the tap off and turned the other tap on. Ahhhh, much better. 

My cousin James yelled at me. 
"Get your wrap out of the oven quickly or you'll have a burnt one!" I managed to get the wrap out of the oven without burning myself again. I made my wrap and it was delicious.


  1. Really good writing, sorry you got hurt

  2. I liked how you described how you felt when you got burned. That reminds me when I was making pancakes for my family but I put my finger to close to the pan.