Thursday, 24 September 2015

Camp description

I feel the ice-cold rock-solid wall with trees knocking against it outside. The springs are squeaking in my mattress and I can feel my soft, fluffy pillow under my head. The hard, wooden supports hold up the bunk above me as the roof shelters us from the rain. My sleeping bag keeps me warm just as it has all night long.
I sit up and see the floor covered in wooden planks squeaking under the weight of everyone. The windows let the bright, hot sun peek through into my cabin. Flat pillows lay under all of my mates heads. There are bags of clothes at the end of every bed. The door is swinging in the wind casting shadows on the floor, letting more light in.

I stand up and walk outside and see the front porch of my cabin and lots of other cabins with strong, dark coloured, oak railings. I see lush, green trees with birds flying around and the sun blazing down on the dirt covered world. Oh I love school camp.

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