Thursday, 29 October 2015


I look at the car and say to my sister, "I'll beat you to the car"
"No I'm gonna beat you" she snapped back.
"No you’re not. Three, two, one go!" 
We sprinted to the car then slammed against the door.
"I beat you" she barked.
"No, I beat you" I ordered back.
"What are you two fighting about?" my mum shrieked.
"I beat him to the car, but he said I didn't" my sister whined
"But I won" I wined back
"No I did!"
"Just stop it and get in the car" mum ordered. But 
I was annoyed that I got told off, but I did win, and that's the end of that.


  1. Nice Ben! I like how you used words such as 'shrieked' instead of boring old 'said'

  2. Love tour writing Ben. I can totally relate to this. Me and brother both have the stupidest arguments, mostly about who gets to sit on the bean bag and who gets the TV remote. Also, I like your Language in your writing.